Privacy Course Terms and Conditions


Enrollment fees (from June 1st 2021)


Individual … £375.00 (currently £350.00)

Low Income … £275.00 (currently £250.00)

Household … £575.00 (currently £475.00)


The student is requested to complete the following steps:


(1) Subscribe to the people’s lawyer web page

(2) Complete the privacy course enrollment form

(3) Request banking details privately from TPL by email for a direct bank transfer

(4) Confirm payment of course fee by email including last 4 digits of the paying account

(5) Confirm preferred course start date


Upon successful completion of enrollment:


(6) Confirmation of course booking is sent to student individually


Upon closure of bookings for that particular course:


(7) A starter pack is sent out a minimum of three calendar days before the start date


(8) The starter pack includes the course booklet and course resources


(9) A Zoom link is sent out a minimum of 24 hours before the start date


Course Delivery


(10) Live sessions of about 2.5 hours online via Zoom – five modules at weekly intervals


(11) Recorded by TPL but not to be recorded by participants


(12) A link to the audio file for each session is sent out to the group usually within 48 hours of the live call


(13) The audio link is not downloadable but can be listened to indefinitely


(14) TPL reads from and comments on the course notes and invites questions to be recorded in the Zoom chat box for a Q & A session after presentation of the material within each live session



(15) A full refund is only available at least 24 hours before the course start date.


(16) A discretionary refund processing fee may be charged of £50.00


(17) If a student is unable to start or complete a course, they are entitled to enroll for no extra fee on another course.


(18) After completion of a course a participant may resit on another course for a re-sit fee of £125.00



(19) A group of at least 10 participants may collectively apply for a course delivered only to that group

(20) The course organiser pays no fee and other participants pay a reduced rate of £300.00 pp