Combat Tyranny

Medical Tyranny


 Part 1

Mask wearing in shops

Part 2

Mask wearing at work

Part 3a

Injections: legal implications

Part 3b

Injections: conditional acceptance

Part 5

Taking girls and boys out of school

Part 4a

CV test: conditional acceptance

Part 4b


Police Tyranny

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Global Tyranny

Part 1

Part 2

Rumble – Alternative platform – coming soon…

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Know Your Unalienable Rights

Do you feel like a slave to a corporate system that does not care about you? The People's Lawyer will reveal information that is not taught at school, not even at law school. With information comes knowledge. From knowledge comes power. It is time for you to take back your power!


Combat Police Tyranny

Have you been threatened with arrest or harassment by an officer or agent. What can or should you do or say to minimise risk? And how can you preserve your freedom and go to a mass rally? This video series will show you how to stand lawfully in your power against policy officers and agents.

Keep Your Business Open

Your right to life and to earn a living is sacrosanct! Know your options for keeping your business going in lawful defiance of Draconian rules with remedies in commerce for dealing with paperwork, merely designed to scare business owners into compliance and learn how to prevent political arrest. 

Combat Global Tyranny

We are being gaslighted like never before. It is time to realise what that means exactly so that we can deal once and for all with this current chaos. Learn the fifteen traits of a narcissist and comprehend how we are being manipulated by the government in exactly these ways in a mass mind-control game.