Self-Study Course

Six modules give a foundational comprehension of key aspects of law in everyday contexts.

Students are invited to use the information and instruction given to make radical changes to their mindset and ultimately to their lives.

The most prominent takeaways from our  self-study online course include:

Defending debt enforcement and promoting confident 'non-compliance'

Keeping a small business going despite the “regulations”

Maintaining family freedom from top-down tyranny and mass psychosis

Course Content

Downloadable course materials including audio files available upon enrollment as a student member. Live Q&A Zoom session links available in addition to full course participants

MODULE ONE – Deceptions at Every Turn!

  • The legal name deception

  • The global banking Ponzi scheme

  • Are you really in debt?

  • Legalese and its deceptive use

MODULE TWO – Asserting Privacy

  • Avoiding joinder and other legalese traps

  • Declining offers to contract in the ‘public’

  • Introducing GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018

  • Dealing with threats at work

MODULE THREE – Taxation is Voluntary

  • Consent or contract is the key

  • The power of conditional acceptance

  • Remaining out of range of governance

MODULE FOUR – Enforcement and Compliance

  • Utility warrant applications

  • Threats from debt collectors

  • Dealing with compliance agents

  • Offences committed by enforcement agents

MODULE FIVE – The Sanctity of Life

  • Asserting universal rights

  • Tyranny at school

  • Medical apartheid

  • Privacy & freedom for businesses

MODULE SIX – Revision and Next Steps


Sef-Study Pack for individual student member – £120

As above plus access to live Q&A Zoom sessions for full course participant – £240

Household rate for 2-3 students in one location – £480

Group rate for 4-6 students in separate locations – £720

Household/Group payments include access to live Q&A Zoom sessions

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Self-study using our comprehensive notes and audio resources, all currently available from link provided upon payment.

No account required for access to the materials.

No Zoom account required for access to the live Q&As.

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What Some of Our Students Say...

Thanks again for the most superb learning over the last 5 weeks; its been truly brilliant!
David's knowledge, wisdom and experience is akin to the greatest stoic. The fact that he is sharing all of his knowledge is a gift to humanity. His delivery and style is exceptional, engaging and life-changing to those who apply the science.

Just a quick note to thank you for the last five weeks on your course - Monday afternoons won’t be the same any more.  You have an in depth knowledge, an excellent presentation style, and a ready ability to make the complex, easily graspable. The updating / modifying of the course notes as we went along helped all of us learn from each other in real time. The course notes are a terrific reference aid. I would recommend the course to anyone. It’s worth every penny.


David's course and delivery was uplifting, educational, practical and empowering. We needed a morale boost when we first saw one of David's talks middle of 2020 and we were feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed.  The intensive course we attended has expanded and built on that and probably saved us 12 months of research and trial and error. Thanks for all you do David, the knowledge you have given us has been part of a once in a lifetime period of spiritual development.

Dan & Jacky

I recently completed Davids Course and all i can say is my eyes have been opened and my mind blown, I have since successfully used some of the information from the course to solve A parking fine get rid of unwanted caller and combat discrimination. Just knowing this information has given me confidence and empowered me to take control over my own life and deal with things that previously I would not thought possible to solve. I would highly recommend davids training.