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Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most commonly asked questions. However, if your question is not answered here, please complete the Contact form and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. How does this course differ from a common law course?

A: It is broader and more generally effective, taking into account the way the rules of equity, commerce and GDPR can be made to work for you. Sometimes, without this,   common law provides no remedy.

Q. Can this course help me unravel from the enslavement of paying taxes, fees and bills for things that do not seem to be justifiable?

A: Yes, the central theme of this course is Privacy – living in the private. Most of the demands made of us are made in the public. Knowing how to go private and maintain that status with dignity is a massive takeaway from this course

Q. The Police seem to be making the law up as they go along. Do you teach how we can defend ourselves from this?

A: Yes. We learn what law is, who we really are at law and what practical tools we have at our disposal to prevent state sponsored tyranny.

Q. Have any students benefitted financially from the knowledge revealed in the course?

A: Successfully challenging unlawful licence fees and taxes is a massive indirect financial gain as well as securing refunds for banking errors. Then of course learning how to safely see off demands from debt collection agencies simply adds enormously to the value of the course content.

Q. Why can’t I enrol and pay online for your course directly through the website?

A: This is a Privacy course therefore we refrain from using any external payment processing platforms.

Q. Is the course content relevant to the USA or other non-UK countries?

A: Most of the content is universal and all students need to do is to research local equivalents of the UK-centred content (some of which will be provided as the course evolves international context).